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RDcalc Scientific/Financial Graphing Calculator 2.7

RDcalc Scientific/Financial Graphing Calculator 2.7

RDcalc Scientific/Financial Graphing Calculator Publisher's Description

RDcalc Scientific/Financial Calculator

A free Windows desktop version is available. It has the same functionality as the Pocket PC version.

Turn your Pocket PC into a Scientific/Financial Calculator with algebraic expression entry. Now includes the powerful capability of defining your own functions. Can't find a function you use frequently among the many built-in functions? Create it. Give the trial version a spin to see if it meets your needs. Compatible with all the latest XScale devices.


  • Easy to use algebraic entry (none of that RPN stuff).
  • Two line display. Both the entered expression and the result can be viewed simultaneously.
  • Hundreds of functions including definite integral and numerical derivative.
  • Ninety general (real/complex) memory variables (includes Greek symbols).
  • Time Value of Money Solver with Amortization Scheduler.
  • Complex number calculations:
    • Supports most operations including the trigometric and hyperbolic.
    • Display complex result in rectangular or polar form.
  • Statistical calculations:
    • One and two variable statistics.
    • Mean, weighted mean, standard deviation, sum, sum of squares, ...
    • Linear, exponential, logarithmic, and power regression.
    • Line, histogram, and scatter plots.
  • Base-n calculations:
    • Decimal, binary, octal, hexadecimal bases.
    • 8 bit, 16 bit, and 32 bit numeric formats.
    • Bit level operations such as AND, OR, XOR, NOT, ...
  • Lists:
    • Ten list variables.
    • List functions are available for creating lists, sorting lists, drawing lists, Fourier transform lists, and more.
  • Matrices:
    • Ten matrix variables.
    • Multiply, divide, determinant, inverse, rref, transpose, solve, ...
    • LU, Cholesky, Singular Value, and QR decompositions.
    • Easy to use matrix editor for viewing and entering matrices.
  • Conversions:
    • Area, distance, electric charge, energy, force, mass, power, pressure, temperature, time, velocity, volume.
    • Over 100 conversions.
  • Constants:
    • Over 40 built-in constants.
    • Can't find the one you want. Easily add your own.
  • Periodic Table:
    • Includes atomic weight, density, oxidation states, electron configuration, ...
  • Plotting:
    • 2D function, polar, parametric plots.
    • 3D Cartesian, cylindrical, spherical plots.
    • All plots can be easily traced with the stylus.
    • 3D plots can be easily rotated with the stylus.
  • Drawing:
    • Functions for drawing a point, circle, rectangle, ellipse, and lists.
  • Programming:
    • Easy to follow syntax (similar to a TI-83) with statements such as IF, ELSE, FOR, WHILE, GOTO, CALL, ...
    • Programs can be used to create your own functions.
    • Many sample programs:
      • Rotating Cube (Draw Example 3)
      • 2 x 2 Matrix Solution
      • 3 x 3 Matrix Solution
      • Triangle Solutions
      • Gamma Function
      • Polar to Rect
      • Rect to Polar
      • Prime Factors
      • Least Common Multiple
      • Greatest Common Divisor
      • Simpson's Rule (Definite integral)
      • Root Finder
      • Quadratic Equation solver
      • Coulomb's Law
      • LCR Parallel Impedance
      • LCR Series Impedance
      • Present Value (PV)
      • Future Value (FV)

Version 2.6 adds a LIST mode. List functions are available for creating lists, sorting lists, drawing lists, Fourier transform lists, and more.
The latest version (2.7) adds financial functions, fractal functions, and string variables.

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